Frequent Asked Questions

Choosing a moving company is as important as choosing a new home. Please make sure you understand the regulations and rates before choosing a moving company. There are different regulations in other states. Make sure that the moving company is aware of these regulations before you sign a contract. Here are some questions to think about before making a decision.

1Q: Are they licensed, insured, and bonded?
A: Asking for a motor carrier’s U. S. Dot No. can help verify if the company is licensed to perform interstate moves. 365Moving Fast® is licensed and also protects clients by carrying worker’s compensation insurance. We also provide bonded services and offer valuation protection options. You can find more information at
2Q: Are they providing an exact estimate or are there possibilities of being charged for other miscellaneous fees?
A: Always get an official estimate prior to making a decision. There are three types of estimates: - Binding - Binding not-to-exceed - Non-binding Binding and Binding not-to-exceed estimates will protect the customers from being charged an exceeded amount than the original estimate. A Non-binding estimate will have a minimum cost associated with the actual moving cost. In any case, the regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration limits the clients to pay no more than 110% of the original estimate upon delivery. The remaining balance is due within 30 days of the delivery date. Please visit for more information.
3Q: Can I call a local office with questions?
A: At 365Moving Fast®, we value our client comments. We provide a local point of contact throughout the move. Most companies use a dispatch service which means that they are less likely to have a local office to provide convenient customer service. This is common for companies that hire or provide subcontracted services.
4Q: Do you hire temporary labor?
A: All of the 365Moving Fast® employees are required to have a drug and background check before they are hired. Not many companies require this with their employees. Please ask for employee hiring requirements.
5Q: Does the estimate include a guaranteed delivery date?
A: At 365Moving Fast®, our trucks will depart as soon as they are loaded. Excessive handling of the household goods can delay the unloading process. It can also increase the chance of it being damaged or lost. At 365Moving Fast®, the household goods are only handled twice during the move. Once to load on to the truck and once to unload into your new home.
6Q: What forms of payments are accepted?
A: Do not choose a company that only accepts cash. Even if you are planning to pay with cash, try to pay with a check or credit card so that you can have proof of payment. Be sure to ask what forms of payments are accepted with your moving company.
7Q: Where can I get a copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” and other helpful consumer information?
A: Please visit
8Q: Where can I find out whether a moving company is registered with FMCSA?
A: Please visit
9Q: Where can I get information about a moving company, broker, or freight forwarder’s insurance and processing agent?
A: Please visit or call (202)385-2423.
10Q: How can I get assistance to determine if the moving company’s estimate is reasonable?
A: Please visit or call the Surface Transportation Board at (866)254-1792.
11Q: Where can I file a complaint about the moving services?
A: Please visit or call (888) DOT-SAFE (368-7238) Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 9:00pm EST.
12Q: In addition to FMCSA, are there any other institutions to report a misconduct of a mover or moving company?
A: Yes, the State Attorneys General and Consumer Affairs Agencies are responsible for pursuing suspected moving fraud.
13Q: How can I learn more about movers and transportation of household goods?
A: Please visit and