Packing Services

365Moving Fast® offers more than just an ordinary move.  Our team of professional movers will customize your special needs.  Our team of highly experienced professional movers will take the burden of moving off your backs with the following service options:

Full Pack-Packers come to the home or business and pack all of the goods thoroughly and label each box so that there is no confusion when unpacking.

Partial Pack-This service is a customized service which includes partial packing of the requested room or item.

Unpack-Packers unpack as directed by the client.

Unload Only-This service is unloading of the boxes and furniture from the car or truck to a designated area.

Local Move-This is the most common service we provide.  Depending on the distance of the move, we categorize it as “local” or “long distance.”

Intrastate Move-This is a long distance move within the state.

Business/Office Move-This could include large corporate offices, small businesses, or even a school.

Home Move-This is moving a residence from one home to another.

Move One Item (custom)-This service specializes in moving a certain item to a specific location.

Internal Move-You can think of this service as rearranging the furniture within the household or office.