Packing Tips

Proper packing supplies are required to keep your valuables at the best condition possible.  Boxing procedures are also very important in protecting your goods from damage.

365Moving Fast® offers a variety of packing and unpacking services.  Trained professional packers are always ready to help you with a little bit of packing to packing the whole house.  We offer a great selection of packing supplies for sale at affordable prices.

Doing the packing for yourself is a great way to economize your move.  To help you pack efficiently and safely, 365Moving Fast® has several helpful tips on how to pack for your move.

  • Do not over-pack moving boxes. The heavier the item, the smaller the box.
  • Start packing your unused items as soon as you set a date for the move.
  • Try not to mix items from other rooms into the same box.
  • Be sure to label the boxes so that you know which room the boxes belong to.
  • Do not interlock box tops. They must always be sealed with packing tape.
  • Pack a few boxes with items that you will need immediately after the move and be sure that it is loaded lastly on the truck.
  • To minimize the damage of your goods, be sure to use plenty of padding and packing paper.
  • Lampshades and fine china should not be packed in newspaper, because the ink can permanently stain the items. Try to use packing paper or bubble wrap.